Hey everybody!

Hope you’re all doing well and having a great 2012. I just wanted to update you all on my new album “Return of the Bionic Man”, since many of you have been asking when it will be released. As most of you probably know, I have been working on my new album for sometime now and want you to know that it is almost finished. I am just finishing up a few collabs with some special guests that I am going to have appear on the album with me. We are looking to release the album around the release of the new movie I’m starring in called “I’m in love with a Church Girl” so that we can cross promote both projects. We are looking at the 3rd quarter of this year with my 1st single coming out middle to end of the 2nd quarter. That means I should have a new single and video playing on the radio and on TV shows everywhere at the beginning of the summer.

I have also been working on other projects such as Israel Houghton’s new live album “Jesus at the Center” which we recorded live from Lakewood Church in Houston, TX. just last week. Most of you are probably already aware that the pastor of that church is Joel Osteen which also happens to be the biggest church in America. We performed 5-6 times and had a packed house almost every night! The concerts where amazing! The song Israel and I did together, which should be out this summer as well is called “Te Amo” which means “I Love you” in Spanish. The song is a HIGH ENERGY, fast moving dance song with a catchy melodic hook that is sure to have you singing along…no doubt. His album will be released with the DVD of our live performance as well so you’re in for a treat… trust me ;-) . Anyway, thank you all for being patient and for all of your support. Just wanted to keep you all out of the dark so you would have a clearer picture of what is happening in my world. I will keep you all posted as things progress. Thanks for hearing me out. God bless you all.

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  1. Hi, I am very pleased that G-d has blessed you. I support your ministry. I myself as a Preacha of Personal Safety Systems, use my ministry to help people to become a protector against predators. T Bone’s music has in many ways ministered to me and will be shared with our ministry at our church. Finally, thank you again T Bone for responding to me. It is great to see what G-d is doing through gospel hip hop.

  2. Eddie says:

    Bless you bro. It’s good to see that you are still puttin down “big baby”!

  3. saul cordonero says:

    ola T-bone te bendigo y bendigo tu ministerio. soy un fan tuyo desde hace mucho tiempo y pues ahora estoy grabando un album de rap cristiano estoy en Ottawa la capital de Canada y pues admiro mucho tudo lo que haces y puedo ver la gracia de Dios en ti siempre ha sido my dream poder tener un feat de T-bone en mi album no se si sera posible pero estoy poniendo mi fe en accion porfavor escribeme de regreso y estoy dispuesto a pagar lo que sea por un feat tuyo gracias. disculpa me uviera gustado enviarte este mensage mas privado pero no sabia como. mi record label se llama(c.p.r) Con Proposito Records. no tengo website todavia. thanx blessings

  4. kurt says:

    Hi mate.

    I am from down under and look forward to your new sounds.
    Ever since hearing you in Perth, Western Australia at a youth event, i have loved your sounds.
    Keep it up from Australia.

  5. Caleb says:

    What up T Bone I just want to say that I am really happy to hear you’re still spittin out those rhymes man. Keep it up Bro and God Bless you. Much love from South Dakota!

  6. Pastor Andrew says:

    T-Bone! It’s a long time coming but I am psyched for this new album! Can’t wait for the first single to drop! I have been a follower since the days of the Lyrical Assassin was a brand new hit (so yes – a long time follower) and am just dying to get a hold of your new record! It’d be cool if you did a fresh go-around of that song by the way for 2012! I still have my picture of you and me when you performed in Windsor, Ontario many years ago when we were both much younger! God bless man! I know you’re a pastor too and that is awesome! Take care! Much love from the Toronto kid!

  7. john newman says:

    I want to get some advice on writing rap songs and how to get some one to listen to what God had placed upon my heart to write. I was not called to preform music but to write it, I have about fifteen songs and twenty five poems.

  8. Yeah man, I just wanna say you look good on tx10 countdown .NO HOMO(:. I got into 2 your show when i was locked up just ten days ago. I did a 5 ball for some something i should’nt have pleaded on. How ever, I would like 2 know if U can send me some of your CD’s?. At this time i’m applying 4 my social security card since i’m just starting over again. this was my first number AND MY LAST!
    You smell datt? my addres is 200 homestead ave jeffersonville In. 47130 thanks

  9. vivuana murillo says:

    Hey t-bone glad to hear your doing good and your almost done with your new album im so excited that you are starring in a movie what a wonderful way to send out the message you have grown to be a tremendous faithful leader to god keep up the good work please keep me posted I can’t wait to buy your new album and see your new movie god bless!!! :-)

  10. What’s up T-Bone. I remember the first time you rapped at Sheffield Family Life Center back in 1994, I believe. A lot of great memories, album after album. God continues to use you in mighty ways. God bless you. Keep up the great work in ministry!

  11. Lord. i dont want to die.

  12. jaime duarte jr says:

    Whats up bro, i cant wait for your new album man. I love all of your songs because i know that all of thouse songs are for God. I had been writing rap songs too spanish and inglish just like you do and i would like to have you in one of my cd’s if God want this to hapen. This is your brother in christ jaime and my rapper name is JD from texas God pless you brother bye.

  13. Been a fan since I was a teen! Ha! Followed your career and am very pleased that you are still doing it! Love the New YOU and the healthy lifestyle! Health is true WEALTH! Peace

  14. we love you t-bone says:

    love your love for JESUS

  15. Rouan says:

    Hey T-Bone. I love your song “Te amo” with Israel Houghton. I also excited for your upcoming cd “Return of the Bionic man”. Do you perhaps have some updates with regards to the cd.

  16. Rachel says:

    When is the new album supposed to drop? also has the movies you stared in came out as well?

  17. Fantastic website. Lots of helpful information here. I’m sending it to some buddies ans also sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you on your sweat!

  18. patrick says:

    I liked your songs since 89 so keep going for Christ because I love ya beats yeah bro Patrick

  19. Brian Swanson says:

    is the new album a bust? just wondering what happened cause been eagerly waiting for a couple years now? saw you w Crystal Lewis waaaay back in about ’93 at the Faith Dome and looking for this new one. bless you

  20. Hi T bone came from colombia when i was years old. when i heard your music when i was young it touch my life. Wipe your tears is song i like the most because it touch my life and how the song change me. i all most kill my self, because of the song it change my then ever. I praying that one day i would meet you and do music and a movie to. Can’t wait to see the movie in october 18th. A lot of people are going to get save through your music and non sculler rapper is not going to like you. sculler industry is not going to like you because your cd is going to sell big then sculler art rapper. If it was not change your life doing God calling in doing christian rap i wouldn’t be here to day bro. I thank God for jesus to die on that cross for me and you. I would like hear from you bro. may God bless you and your family.

  21. walter falcon says:

    hey T-bone i was wondering if u remember going to my brothers church in visalia .cal long time ago because i was visiting him and he loves you and i did not know that and before i went to see him i really loved your music and i just found that ironic p.s. cant whate for new album to drop keep the good music coming

  22. Matt aka..(Mataboy) says:

    Hey just wanted to drop a line to the best rapper in the history of Cristian rap and in my opinion best in any category! I’m 41 now over the hill but always young at heart and congrats on your weight loss I also have changed my choice of eating habits I eat organic gluten free food along with fruit and wonderful deserts made with almond or coconut flour and stevia sweetener. I started in April and I have lost over 100lbs and I am on my way to loosing more. I have multiple autoimmune disease that have almost won the battle but I know God is bigger than all of them and He will help me win the war. In my younger years I sang, rapped and an acted and I hope to do them again some day. My conditions have hindered me from doing those things along with my graphic design work so any prayer you could shout out for me wold be awesome. Sorry to talk your ear off but you are a big inspiration to me and may God continue to bless the work you do to touch lives. PS. You know He has a large turntable up there mixing some sweet and perfect jam’s…

  23. deuprece hall says:


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