The Official Movie Trailer Is Here!


Let me know what you think below!

13 Responses to New Movie Co-Staring T-Bone!

  1. Desiree Rosado says:

    Yes!!!! I can’t wait to see it. Looks awesome! Hope we can see it up here in CT.

  2. Joshua says:

    It looks really really good, cant wait to see it!!! Also cant wait for your
    new album to come out!!!

  3. Terrylynn says:

    I would like to know will it be in Canada?? Will it be in Blue Ray and when? Thanks

  4. Laura D says:

    I would watch it, looks like a real situation that occurs often. Let me know of any group screenings, I live in Moreno Valley, Ca and hope I can find it on screen locally. Thanks.

  5. david hendrickson says:

    The movie looks dope. I defenitly will be going to see it. I got chills and excitment just watching the trailer and the best part is my favorite rapper of all time is in this movie, t bone aka boney soprano, the man who is still rolling this gosple rap thang from way back. You go wit your bad self t bone, I remember when you first started in this gosple rap thang and being the fact that I been down wit you since your first, the redeemed hoodlum, you have came a long way and god has blessed you tremendesly. Cant wait for your new album. God bless you my brotha. Keep truckin.

  6. Isaiah "Tiirawk" Elisha says:

    Man this movie is cool. Check out my favorite combination: T-Bone, tobyMac, and Ja rule (well not him but heck!) I am so gonna wait for this movie to come out.

  7. Jaime duarte says:

    I think is a good move with a good masseg and with some good acters.

  8. Jetti says:

    Looks really good! looking forward to seeing this in theaters!

  9. ALISA says:

    Cant wait to see the whole movie. Inspirational and Encourgement for those who maybe going thru the same events in life, God wants us all!!!

  10. Dwayne says:

    WOW!!! Looks amazing. Glad to see it address the issue that many think “God don’t want me” , we all just idiots that accepted God’s amazing grace

  11. MamaBear says:

    To God be the Glory—forever and ever! May many hearts be moved and may many souls be saved!
    Please, keep the encouragement and inspiration coming. The Arts are being reclaimed for the Glory of God!

  12. Jungo says:

    Man this movie looking good.. Most deff going to catch it at thw theaters! Keep doind your hing brother ;)

  13. Ricardo Giovannetti says:

    I will definetely see it, specially cause my beloved friend and brother T-bone is in it. Hey T, love you man. From your brother, friend and official translator in Brazil, Ricardo.

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