9 Responses to Behind The Scenes Of New Song Featuring Israel Houghton & Watoto Children’s Chior.

  1. Timothy Furnace says:

    Can’t see it cuz I’m on my phone but I trust its flames! The bionic man is at large. Who is that devil who can stop him? There aint none!

  2. Elissa says:

    I can say with all heart that I love ur music and and much respect to you for puttingout these positive CD that our young kids now a dys need. May God keep U strong in your Journey. <3

  3. Dallas Mora says:

    mad excited about this!

  4. Caro Koos says:

    wow my son just started taking drums …could he ppppppplllease teach him !:) that was awesome ! wow ..and btw llllloove the sound of the new song! So beautiful and uplifting..! Go on …Go ahead ! :) Thanks for the music! God bless you guys!

  5. Mbanandi says:

    Awesome…. I can wait to listen to the new album.

  6. Josh Booth says:

    Wow awesome collaboration, can’t wait for this! This going to be such a blessing!!

  7. Kayvon says:

    Sounds amazing T!

  8. John W. Case says:

    T-Bone, I am so happy you got this done and out there. It is GREAT. I’m going to make sure I get all the music and videos from you when it’s time. I know that all the church groups that hosted the Watoto children over the past few months would be interested in the success of your production with our wonderful Watoto children. God bless and we’ll stay in touch.

  9. Monique says:

    T, Love your work, Looking forward to the purchase of the new release! Great Collaboration.
    Continue spreading love and Light throughout the world! – Jah Guide ! Bles up ! One Love!

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